Anion quick drying hair drier

The wind will be touched by your control

Concise appearance and distinctive style
Show your attractive beauty
Not only blow dry your hair, but also
bring you a sense of pleasure.
  • Product function◆Innovative design, compact folding, complete functions, dry hair speed 30%
    ◆The high speed motor is 110000 rpm, which is 5 ~ 7 times of the traditional blower motor。
    ◆Third gear wind speed control third gear wind temperature control one key cold air switch
    ◆Built in negative ion generator lock hair color, dry hair at the same time more hair care
    ◆Temperature control protection over temperature control technology to automatically detect and adjust the working temperature
    ◆Patented air duct design, sound insulation and noise reduction
    ◆This machine can reverse air blowing (cold air only) automatic cleaning function
    ◆Temperature control lock, power protection, start 30 minutes automatically shut down
  • Product attributesTrade name: high speed hair dryer
    Model: DW-D001
    Warm air temperature: 60℃/low 82℃/middle 103℃
    Power Supply: AC200V 50/60Hz
    MAX power: 1800W
    Fuselage size: 198 x 52 x 172mm(In use)
    198 x 52 x 86mm(When folding)
    Fuselage mass: 425g
    Power cord length: 1.9m

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