OEM/ODM Custom Service
We want to take cooperation with the distributor and famous brand and the located store etc.
In-depth understanding of customer brand philosophy, business channels, consumer groups, product characteristics and cost performance.
Provide other product solutions, targeted development of exclusive product series suitable for customers.
Custom Process 
Custom Process 
Product planning
Analyze customer needs, combine the latest trends and refine product concepts.
Master the direction of development.
Appearance and functional design
According to the product concept, the layout is reasonable and the unnecessary loss is reduced. We will provide customers with better choices.
Product realization
Organize the review before the project is opened, after optimizing the details, trial production and pilot production. Then start to produce finished products.
Mass customization
1.Check product information 2. Client confirmation 3. Fulfill order punctually 4.Perform purchasing, production and shipping responsibilities
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