Anion straight comb

Chrono Cross. Rustic childhood

Fine and smooth hairstyle.
Lightweight and breathable.
The younger you see, the beauty you are.
Unique self-style
  • Product function◆Straight hair, styling for you.
    ◆Challenge the conventional perspective
    ◆Global Voltage and Frequency Standards
    ◆Temperature Control and Protection
    ◆3D comb stacking design
  • Product attributes Trade name:  Anion Hair Care
    Model: DJ-C002
    Working temperature: 100℃~210℃
    Power Supply: 100V-240V~50/60Hz
    Rated power: 72W
    Fuselage size: 240 x 90 x 52mm
    Fuselage mass: 426g
    Power cord length: 1.9m
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